France is the country with largest area of Europe. It extends from the North Sea to the Mediterranean. Its landscape is extremely varied. The East and South are mountainous, highlighting in the Alps Mont Blanc (4 810 m), highest peak in Western Europe. The plain France comprises four river basins: the Seine, the Loire and the Garonne flow West. The Rhone, from the Lake, flows into the Mediterranean.

The President of the Republic has an important political role. He chairs the meetings of the Council of Ministers and is responsible for Max in the fields of Foreign Affairs and defense. The day-to-day administration of the country rests with the Prime Minister. The President is elected by direct suffrage for a period of five years. The Parliament consists of a National Assembly, which is elected every five years, directly and a Senate whose members are appointed by an electoral college.

France has an advanced industrial economy and an efficient agricultural sector. The main activities are automotive, aerospace, chemical, pharmaceutical and electronics, fashion and information technologies industries.

French cuisine is one of the finest in Europe. Cuisine and fine dining are part of the culture and the lifestyle of the French.

Why learn French?

ALT Learning a second language can help you in your professional career. Not only knowing a second language is essential for hundreds of different jobs, but they learn to speak French opens more employment opportunities related to this economic sector, as well as allowing you to work and communicate in French-speaking countries.

  • France has a great cultural wealth
  • This country offers high quality education
  • It provides various activities for performing outdoors

It is an official language in various international organizations, such as the Court of the Hague, work of the UN organizations and sports organizations such as FIFA.

A large number of words of the Spanish language, and almost half of the English language, derived from the French language. So learning French will help you make better use of these languages.

In addition to benefit you in their cultural and personal development, you can access lots of information published in French.

It improves their opportunities for travel abroad, especially to specific locations in the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Canada.

It is the official language of France, fourth economic power in the world, a country beautiful and different, offering you the opportunity to learn one of the most important and influential of the world languages.

Cities where you can study

  • Paris
  • Lyon
  • Montpellier
  • Ruen
  • Nice

One of the official languages of the United Nations, UNESCO, the European Union and the Red Cross.

France is the sixth World economic power and the second country in agricultural exports

Language of love, fashion and gastronomy

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