It is a small country in the South of the peninsula italics and pertaining to the European Union, with very little migration of Latinos.

Malta was part of the British Empire for more than 160 years, which makes it an ideal place to learn English: this language is one of the two official languages!

Sociability plays an important role in the daily life of the Maltese. In terms of nightlife, usually usually go out with friends or relatives to restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

The Maltese are very open, so that it is easy to strike up a conversation with them.
The national language is Maltese, which belongs, like Arabic, to the family of the Semitic languages. English is an official language, and many Maltese also speak Italian. Tourism is important in Malta, but the island also has a booming services sector.
Malta is a great location especially if you’re a real browser. Islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino provide students and visitors in general an endless list of outdoor activities: diving, visit temples, sailing, riding, snorkeling, canoe, windsurfing, karts, hiking, camping, hiking, abseiling, water skiing, paragliding, golf, kite-surfing and much more.

Why study in Malta?

  • Quick and easy visa procedure
  • Safe and relaxed environment
  • Low cost of living and study
  • Excellent location for touring Europe without the need for another visa.
  • UNESCO cities
  • British English
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Angelica Cardona
"I chose Clubclass because my agency, Columbus, recommended me it and also because of the price. For me, Clubclass was like a big family. Clubclass always made me feel like at home, the atmosphere is very nice, everyone knows each other. My teachers were so nice and funny, they always made the dynamic lessons, I really like the quality of teachers.

I would like to recommend Clubclass because it is a really good school, teachers are professional and you can make friends from all over the world. My advice to prospective students is go to class every day so you can improve your English. I had the best experience here. I’m going back to Colombia but my heart will stay here.

Angelica Cardona, Ingeniera Industrial - Universidad de Ibague
Alejandra Grajales
"Malta has been the best experience in my life because I have met a lot of people of different nationalities that are my friends now. Also, I have been learning from different cultures and improve my English. The best idea to improve your English is live in a country where the official language is English. The School is good and it organizes many activities of integration.

When I arrived to Malta, My speaking was so terrible I couldn´t understand to other people But I started in pre-intermediate level because my grammar is good. Now, I’m in intermediate level, I can speak and understand to other people better.


Alejandra Grajales, Administradora de Negocios - Universidad de Ibague
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