Scotland occupies approximately the top third of the island of Great Britain, to the North-West of the continent of Europe. In total, its territory includes 78.772 km².33 the only border of Scotland on the Mainland is that joins to the South with England, and that measures about 96 km, between the River Tweed on the coast this and the fjord of Solway in the West.

Wrapped in a landscape so rugged and untamed as beautiful, as well as live under often adverse weather conditions, the Scots shocked an inherent animated character and a national identity that is very strong, as well as be known the world over for its Scoll and loyalty. They have survived invasions and bloody winters; together with England, often reluctantly. Scotland has managed to preserve its forests and waterways. His lambs, calves, deer, trout and salmon are highly prized, and their lands abound in the game such as the Scottish ptarmigan and pheasant birds

Why study English in Scotland?

Study English in our school of English in Scotland, the home of the kilts, castles, ceilidhs and experience the legendary and warm Scottish welcome. Take advantage of everything this country has to offer, while you do your English courses, from dormant volcanoes to historic castles and beautiful coasts.

  • Taught by qualified English teachers and experienced quality training.
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  • Several courses full time or partial English for adults, individual or in groups.

Main cities

  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
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