Trinidad and Tobago, whose official name is Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, is an independent State located in the South of the Caribbean Sea, on the continental shelf of the East coast of Venezuela in South America. Consists of two main islands, Trinidad Island – the largest and most populous – and the island of Tobago, much smaller in size and population, as well as several smaller islands.

Trinidad and Tobago is one of our highly attractive places to study English abroad thanks to its proximity to our region.

 Why study in Trinidad and Tobago?

The beautiful island of Trinidad is located very close to South America, Margarita Island and other islands of the Caribe.Nuestro command of English is the best in the Caribbean due to the fact that our education is 95% British (England), so you will find that this is an ideal place to learn to speak English.

Main cities:

  • Port-of-Spain (port of Spain)
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