What is e-Health?

E-Health is the system of registration, processing and storage of results of medical examinations for the Department of immigration and citizenship (Department of Immigration and Citizenship – DIAC) online.

E-health is a faster, easier and more efficient to process medical examinations and allows authorized physicians to send the results to our Department electronically.

Physicians licensed in Bogota are using this system.

Bogota health screening procedures

Customers who live in Bogota not can take medical examinations until they submitted their application and have asked medical examinations. Our Department, DIAC, will provide customers with a letter to the licensed physician. Doctors in Colombia can not perform medical examinations required without this letter.

In Bogota, only authorized doctors can examine applicants for visas to Australia bearing one of the following documents.

  • A list of medical examinations that contains a reference code ('Health Request ID' or 'HAP ID'); or,
  • A letter of reference that contains a code reference ("Transaction Reference Number – TRN"); or,
  • Forms 26EH and/or 160EH containing a number of reference ("Transaction Reference Number – TRN")

Once taken exams, the authorized physician sends results to the Department electronically.

Procedures in Cali and Medellín health examinations

Authorized doctors in Cali and Medellin continue sending results doctors secure mail to our Department. Applicants of this cities, who know in advance that you will be asked to get medical tests, may take examines them doctors with not more than 2 weeks before the date of application if they wish.

The taking of medical tests 2 weeks in advance to his candidacy, will mean arrive almost on the same date that his candidacy.

Additional information

For more information on health requirements for applicants for visa to Australia, it can be found on our web site.




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