Paula Andrea Hernandez – University Ibague

Always dreamed of traveling, get to know new cultures, new experiences that I would grow and expand my perspective about life, new people who contribute to my life as well as I bring to them. In undertaking this trip thought about all that, but also knew that it was a new step that would add to my career were almost 6 months planning every detail, every thing, consulting in different agencies, looking at different destinations, reading about each culture, thinking in my life would be when I got to the destination indicated, was not easy to find the best destination , but I asked God for his guidance and he blessed me, putting my side an excellent agency such as Columbus Agency s.a.s, with your advice today I can say that I am in the right place, with specified people, in the indicated school.

On 11 July day that began my journey, was excited; It counted the hours to meet family that I would get here in Toronto – Canada, and today I can say that it has fallen me the best of families, from the first day I could feel their fraternity and kindness, they who guided me with every thing transport, people places to visit, in the end.

Each week we try to do something together and I feel part of this family, in total confidence. At the start of school, first thing I did was to take the examination together with other new students, after that I met my classmates and teacher, teachers are friendly and fun.

The school operates every day, to know the different places that Toronto has, is as well how I have met Canada's wonderland, Niágaras Fall, Toronto Island, among others. So my experience in Canada has been unique and fun, learning but also knowing. Today I can say that I am happy for my choice.

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on Sep 03, 2015

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